Haymarket - Cramond

Missing canoeist on Blue Line


User of the blue line would have noticed tonight that it was more blue light than the blue line cycle path. Unfortunately earlier on last night four canoeists got into difficulty just off shore at Gyps Brae and only three of them made it back asho…


History: WWII on Cramond Island

There are plenty of historical remains on Cramond Island: a medieval jetty, an old farmstead and WWII fortifications, including a gun emplacement and barracks. Sheep were kept here until the 1960s, and in the past there was oyster farming. The cau…


History: Granton Lighthouse

Granton Lighthouse, on West Harbour Road, was never a proper lighthouse. Built in 1845 by the Northern Lighthouse Board, it was used as a depot for shipping out goods and equipment to offshore lighthouses around the coast. The lantern was used to …