Try Something New: Paddle with a Canoe Along the Union Canal

I am sure a lot of people stroll along the canal, go for a jog after work or cycle every day there. But all of that happens along the canal. What about doing something on the canal actually?

I was thinking I would really like to paddle a canoe along the canal with some friends, have my lunch in the bag and just enjoy seeing the world passing by from another perspective. Now the problem is that I do not have my own canoe and just until recently I did not know what to do about that despite buying one..

The solution lies right in front of me and everyone in Edinburgh.The lovely Tollcross Community Centre has a so-called ǣWee Boat Group.

The group wants to take advantage of the union canal as they have it right on their doorstep. If you join the group you can learn how to take boats out on the water and learn how to paddle. Once you are competent you can go with family and friends and just enjoy the freedom.

So what do you think? Not a bad alternative to a typical morning jog along the canal you would be doing normally, right? If you would like to participate, come to the meeting of the ǣWee Boat Group at the Tollcross Community Centre on Wednesday 22nd June at 7:00 pm.

Further information here.

Tollcross Community Centre (Tollcross Primary School, 117 Fountainbridge)




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