Will there be more and better access points to the Union Canal soon?

Speaking to Council Planning Kate Hopper officer at the public consultation concerning the Union Canaldevelopment at the Meadows Festival 2011 on Sunday gave me hope concerning better access points. Kate pointed out that one focus within the new draft strategy for the Union Canal is to create more access points that can be used by wheelcheer users, moms with a pram and cyclists too. The Union Canal is definitely seen as a ‘«£means of sustainable transport‘«ō.

We also spoke about potentially completely new access points such as at Yeaman Place (see picture).

There is a bridge but from this bridge you cannot access the canal. That means that people living around Merchiston, Polwarth have to either access at Harrison Park or almost at the Lochrin Basin.

Kate said that at this stage it is hard to tell if it is feasible to create a new access there. It would all depend on the people that own the land next to the bridge. I will find out more about that in the next consultation evening which is on Wednesday 8th of June (Tollcross Community Centre).

The subject also cam up when Tom Allan spoke to her at the Meadows Festival recently;

The Council will be holding more consultation evenings with local community groups. This seems to be an excellent opportunity to learn more, get involved and keep up dated. I will attend on Wednesday the 8th of June (Tollcross) and will tweed live for the ones that are interested – follow me on @RainChameleon. Also the Merchiston Community Council will discuss the ideas connected to the development of the Canal quarter on Tuesday 21st of June (Polwarth Parish Church).

Where would you like a new access point or feel that there is a need to improve a particular access point? Let me know and I will ask about it at the Tollcross meeting.


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