Why I’m taking part in the World Naked Bike Ride

I would not have guessed that something like the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) exists in Scotland (just too cold here – I thought). Now that I know better, I am not only very excited to blog about it but also to be an actual part of it.

On Saturday 11th of June at 2.15 pmMeadows Middle Walk before they set of for the ride (approx. 1 h) and I will be there. I’m having my body paints ready, and keeping my fingers crossed that the Scottish weather will be merciful.

The WNBR is meant to be an event where cyclists “protest against oil dependency, raise awareness of the rights of cyclists as road users, and demand a better riding environment for city cyclists”. All in all it is fun bike ride that tries to bring across a very important message in a very unusual way.

I was speaking to the organiser of the ride, Giselle Wajdner, about the WNBR and she explained me that by cycling naked they also want to point out how vulnerable a cyclist is on the street. She has a very big point there. The streets are not always big and spacious and unfortunately not all cycling can happen (yet) on fantastic bike routs such as the ones of the Innertube map.

Giselle made another very important point about biking in general. She feels that more people should now about their rights as cyclists on the streets. Her impression is that many people are just not taking advantage of cycling around Edinburghbecause they don’t know much about possible routes, what is allowed and what not and feel intimidated by car and bus drivers if they have to cycle on the street.

Asking Giselle how come that she has the confidence she replies straight away that she was taught to cycle on the streets by her dad from the age of 10.  She pointed out that as a cyclist she is very independent both in terms of petrol and timetables which is really important to her.

Further information on the WNBR

Edinburgh ride page 


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  1. AvatarSusanne Mueller

    Hey guys, in the end my brave fellow ambassador Jack was taking part for real and it was just too cold and rainy for me. Jack was amazing. Only in a small tap and small pants she made it. I was so amazed by that. Still … I cycled with the group 12 people and had a very, very good time. I will be there next year again and hope that the sun will shine.


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