Access to the Union Canal – Alternatives

I have been thinking about this for a while now: How do I get access to the canal from where I live? I could cycle along the canal to work every morning if I only had access. I live right next to the canal which is great as it involves having a great view, being able to see the swan family daily and have light in my flat all day long. The only thing I do not have is access to the canal from my backyard.

As far as I can tell no one between Lochrin Basin and Harrison Park (on my side of the canal) can access the canal from their backyard. There are only very high stone walls. I either go backwards to Harrison Park or I access at the Lochrin Basin (which is pretty much the end of the canal). Well, I thought I really want to figure this out. So I went for a little walk along the backyards of my house (there are three of them connected) and I discovered I am obviously not the only one that would like to go along the canal and access in a more direct way.

I found a ladder. Someone put it there and it is really helpful to climb over the wall and also for coming back. I wonder if people would like to have a simple gate in their stone wall in order to go straight to the canal path and go for a walk. Are there more people out there using a ladder to reach to the canal? What do companies around Polwarth such as Vegware (Twitter: @vegware) think about that and would they consider using the canal if there was an access point? Maybe I should just start digging a little tunnel or make a hole into the wall. Well, the owner of the building would not be too happy about both options. For now the ladder is my only choice it seems. Next step: A little ramp maybe so I can access by bike too.




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