New community garden planned for Fountainbridge. Be part of it.

The Fountainbridge area is currently characterised by open spaces that are not being used after buildings (e.g. the McEwans brewery) have been removed. For one of the sites this is about to change though.


Over the summer a steering group for the future “The Grove” community garden was formed and they have progressed the idea of a mobile community garden. The idea is to use the empty spaces for community gardening but move the garden if a development starts. This is an exciting new way of community gardening that makes an awful lot of sense: the community should be able to use the empty spaces to engage with each other, build relationships and of course garden.

Green Lights for the garden

The developer Grosvenor is keen to work with the community and develop the project of a mobile community garden on their site. The developer has agreed to do the ground works and fencing required and to support the provision of planters, storage, security, and shelter.
The community group will now have to create an organisation the can relate to and formulate a project scheme of work and bring together ideas. To this end the group is? calling a meeting on?
Monday ?the 10th of December@ 6:00PM??
(Canal Centre on Lochrin Basin) to which you are all in invited, and? bring anyone else who wants to get involved. Come and be part of it.


The garden will be offering excellent opportunities for bringing local people together and developing useful horticultural skills.



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  1. Avatartomallan

    I’m fascinated by the idea of a “mobile” garden. How will that be achieved? Will the planters have wheels, or will they be built so that they can be lifted onto a trailer if they have to be moved? Looking forward to hearing more about this exciting project!

    1. AvatarSusanne

      At the moment we are thinking about building the garden on pallets. This way we could move it around with a forklift. We thought tiny skips could maybe server as a container. We are also thinking of recycling old wood to create raised beds. Its been a really creative process so far and I am sure the meeting on the 10th will bring more inspiration.

  2. AvatarLiz @ elgt

    That’s what we’ve done Susanne – building raised beds on pallets so they can be lifted by forklift in the future. Although we haven’t actually done the moving part yet! We also used recycled concrete pipe sections as giant planters on one job, which looked great. They looked a bit industrial for the site so we clad them with timber, but you could paint. Good luck with your garden, Susanne – it sounds really exciting! We have a small grant scheme at the moment which may be of interest -?

    1. AvatarSusanne

      Hi Liz, that sounds really great. Amazing that you have done what we are hoping to do. Could I keep in touch with you maybe 🙂 Just to share knowledge.


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