Granton Innertube map mural

Back in November 2012 I was contacted by Thomas Brown from The Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre about the potential for a large scale mural project which would take place in a rather neglected underpass under West Granton Road. The project would involve the participation of young people from the Fet Lor Youth Centre working alongside MSCreative to create and implement a mural sometime in March 2013.?á

Later in December we met with Charlie Cummings from Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust to discuss the general outcomes for the project.?á The idea was to create a vibrant mural loosely based around the Edinburgh Innertube map a guide to the various cycleways around the city. We agreed the mural would focus primarily on the routes connecting North Edinburgh.?á

Throughout December, January and February?á i worked alongside the Fet Lor Youth Group on a series of Workshops involving design and Spraycan Art techniques. I also researched and created designs that would be used on the Final Mural depicting landmarks which could be seen along the cycleways in the North Edinburgh area. The idea being the images would connect with the colourways used to symbolise each cycleways route as depicted on the Innertube Map.(the innertube Map takes it’s inspiration from the London Underground map)

Work started in March this year and the mural was completed in April due to some unforeseen winter weather conditions.?á

The project was funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery, City of Edinburgh Council and Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust.

Thanks to all the folk at Fet Lor – Craw, Shiela and the Lads. Thomas Brown, Roy and Linda at the Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre, Charlie Cumming and Liz Stewart from Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust, Mark and Tom from the Innertube Blog and Brian McFeely for all their help and participation in seeing this project through to its completion. ?á

Chris Young



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Chris Young
Chris Young

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