Introducing the Travelling Tales project

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Travelling Tales is a new project being launched across Scotland which will challenge six people to switch to a greener, cleaner form of transport – be it walking, cycling, skating, rollerblading, or going by bus or train. We’re looking for six people from around the country who already have some social media skills, and who would like to blog about making the switch to help inspire others.?Š

We’re helping to run the project with the?ŠStop Climate Chaos Scotland, a coalition of 60 different organisations including environmental and faith groups, unions, women’s rights and community groups that works together to take action on climate change, and limit its impact.?Š

You can find more information on the new Travelling Tales website, and you can follow the project on Facebook and Twitter at @TravelTalesScot.?ŠIf you’d like to become one of our bloggers, please email?ŠŠto find out how you can get involved.



Tom Allan
Tom Allan

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