Halloween mural Drylaw tunnel

Over the last weekend myself and some friends have created a new mural on the railway tunnel below Telford Road (there are two tunnels this is the smaller one) around a Halloween theme it’s been a while since we’ve painted at this location however we have a long history of creating artworks in these tunnels.


Resident Drylaw artist Brian McFeely first gained permission from the local community council in 1992 to use the walls to develop his interest in the then burgeoning Graffiti Art scene taking place around the globe. I met Brian around 1993 at Graffiti Art event in Livingston my home town he mentioned he had these huge tunnels in Edinburgh to practice his skills close to his home. Later that year i moved to Edinburgh and met up with Brian and began working on artworks or as there refferred to by Graffiti enthusiasts ?”productions”. We worked alongside other Scottish artists gradually filling the tunnels with full colour artworks.


We’ve been using these tunnels now for over 20 years to develop our skills as artists , creating several large scale artworks since 1996 when the first full scale painting of both tunnels took place for an international graffiti art event organised by myself. The event involved artists from France, Holland , Spain and variety of artists from around the UK.

In 1998 alongside Tangents an Edinburgh based Youth Organisation we took part in an Exchange project with artists from Berlin where we painted a mural in either city, ?the Edinburgh side of the project took place in the larger tunnel in Drylaw. The tunnels have had several visitors over the years artists from Finland, Germany ,?Canada, Australia , Sweden to name but a few.



Two years ago the smaller tunnel was painted by Brian McFeely top to bottom both sides for the first time due to a large free donation of paint via the closing down of the Habitat shop in the west end this was made possible. All of the artworks created in the tunnel are funded by the artists themselves (outside the two events previously mentioned) so attempting to paint such a large scale artwork is a huge undertaking and require quite a lot of paint.?

Brian spent approx three months painting two very impressive murals involving myself and others from the Many Styles Crew in the process. These artworks lasted approx two years until another group came along and painted over the bottom half of each mural for a polish hop hop video. This is fairly common place due to the nature of the spot we have no control over who paints there and must add not all the artworks are created by our collective or associated friends.


This recent Halloween piece has been well received by the various users of the cycleways hopefully if your out and about over the weekend you’ll get to see it in the flesh. In the meantime take a look at the images below of the finished artworks.

Connector image of finished production?



Chris Young

PA270008 PA270012

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA?PA270021 PA270022??PA270025 PA270028?


Posted from Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Chris Young
Chris Young

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  1. AvatarHowie

    I think its fab that graffiti artists are encouraged to show their work in their local area. Livens the drab tunnels up!


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