Innertube map update – brand-new tramline cycle path

The long-awaited cycle path alongside the long-awaited tramline is pretty-much finished and almost ready to use, pending completion of a couple of signalised crossings and the Balgreen tramstop, meaning that there is now an off-street cycle path from Murrayfield all the way to Edinburgh Park.

Views to the Castle....

Views to the Castle….


Over the railway line to Carrick Knowe


The Saughton tramstop has three cycle racks

The new section links the existing path through Broomhouse, largely untouched, with the Water of Leith path and Murrayfield. From the path at Murrayfield, there is a short, if convoluted, cycle route made up mostly of segregated and shared-use pavements linking with the Roseburn path. Poor signposting aside, it means it is possible to cycle from Leith to Edinburgh Park almost entirely off-street and in about 45 minutes.

The new section runs alongside Carrick Knowe golf course, with wide, sweeping vistas towards the city centre and the Castle. But without wanting to criticise, it is a shame that with all the space available the path is quite narrow and made narrower still by lamp posts built on the path itself, rather than alongside it.

The link to the two-mile “branch line” between Corstorphine and Balgreen is currently closed, and seemingly is about to be tarmacked, according to the Evening News.

The start of the route to Corstorphine

But with the path now complete, it’s time to update the Innertube map and so here is a sneak preview!

Tramline cycle path closeup

Mark Sydenham
Mark Sydenham

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