Last bat walk of the season – and a little bit of bat film/audio

batvineWe’ll be holding our final bat walk for the year tomorrow, so please join us on Thursday 10th October at 6.30pm for a walk along the Water of Leith.? Meet on Lanark Road outside the Blue Goose pub (just opposite the Water of Leith Visitor Centre).

The walk should last around an hour and a half maximum and it’s getting cold at night so please do dress warmly and bring a torch.? For further information, please call the Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust office on 0131 445 4025 or email

We had a fantastic walk at Blackford Pond last night with perfect bat spotting conditions: mild weather, plenty of insects and an early dusk.? We saw plenty of Pipistrelles who came out early to feed in the dusk, followed by Daubentons Bats feeding on the water as dark fell.? We even saw a cat, which also caused quite a commotion with the children who came along, until we explained it was a bat walk not a cat walk.? Oh well.

To whet your appetite for Thursday night’s walk, take a look at our little Vine film – hope you can see the bat flitting overhead, although I admit David Attenborough’s not going to be knocking on my door any time soon…Pipistrelles flying overhead at Blackford Pond – October 2013

And also this little bit of audio we picked up Bat detectors picking up Pipistrelle echolocation calls

The weather is turning colder this week, so I think this will be the last we see of bats for a while.? We’ll be back with more bat walks in the spring but I hope you join us for some of our winter workshops – news coming soon!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage for supporting us to carry out these walks, and of course to all you lovely people for coming along!


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Liz Stewart
Liz Stewart

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