Restriction to Roseburn Path

Network Rail are closing Russell Road for railway bridge works. The bridge runs parallel to the tram bridge so the closure is at the same place. It comes into force on the 19th Jan 2015 for 6 months. There will be no access from Gorgie/Dalry to the cycle paths so diversion via Haymarket (!!) or through Gorgie to Westfield Road then Murrayfield.

Posted from Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Mr Smith

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  1. AvatarSean Allan

    The footpath, which is shared use is still open.

    Cycle access is still possible – and legal – but progress will likely require more caution and less speed!

  2. AvatarHerve

    I went through there this weekend (on the 21st), and while the street itself is closed to cars, the sidewalks are open to pedestrians and cyclists. The scaffolds are built in such a way as to leave a space for both sidewalks. It looks like it’s meant to stay that way for the duration of the construction works.


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