Little France Active Travel Route Feedback

We‘«÷re pleased to announce Little France Park has been selected as one of five exemplar green active travel?Šprojects worldwide by the Central Scotland Green Network initiative and will form a part of a suite of 5 case?Šstudies showcasing best practice from around the world. We‘«÷d love to hear from you the?Šcitizens that use these?Šroutes everyday what?Šyour experience is firsthand?Šof using the routes. Please share your comments,?Šquotations and photos with #WalkCycleGreen and #LittleFrancePark.‘«ō

The questions that we are looking to answer are:

What?Šdo you like about it?

What impact has its creation had for you personally?

What is it about the mix of green planted setting and?Šwalking/cycling path that you find special?.

Greenspace Trust
Greenspace Trust

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