History: WWII on Cramond Island

There are plenty of historical remains on Cramond Island: a medieval jetty, an old farmstead and WWII fortifications, including a gun emplacement and barracks. Sheep were kept here until the 1960s, and in the past there was oyster farming. The cau…


Edinburgh’s Original Tram Depot

  • 23 September 2011, 12.12AM

One of Edinburgh’s original tram depot buildings can still be seen on Henderson Row. The first cable hauled trams were introduced in Edinburgh in 1888, replacing horse-drawn trams, and these ‘new’ cable hauled trams had their depot and drive-mecha…


History: Whale bones on the Meadows

Across the road from here is Jawbone Walk – look out for the giant whale jawbones straddling the entrance to the Meadows. They formed part of the 1886 International Exhibition of Industry, Science and Art pavilion, held on the Meadows and were the…