Wildlife affected by another weekend of storm-force gales

Sunday 29th May

The Forth Bridge is closed to vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians due to winds gusting over 50 mph for the second time in a fortnight.


The storm-force gales have already affected Edinburgh’s wildlife. The past week has seen good media coverage of a side-effect of this month’s weather: a whole season of bird fledglings blown from the nest. Rare species, raptors, garden birds and breeding programmes alike have been affected by the storm damage.

The SPCA Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fife had rescued 300 chicks and fledglings by the end of last week:



All this is in direct contrast to the instructions normally issued to the public at this busy time of year, trying to avoid well-intentioned people ‘rescuing’ wandering fledglings during their weeks in transition from nest to independence.


The return of the high winds this weekend are a further threat to the surviving nests, and as the damage across Edinburgh continues, new reports of affected bird species will increase. Anyone walking or cycling along tree-lined pathways today may well see new casualties on the ground. The SPCA ask that anyone concerned about an injured bird or orphaned chick they find should call its helpline on 03000 999 999 for advice.

The rest of the breeding season garden advice still applies : avoid trimming shrubs and hedges while nests in them are still active and keep cats indoors as much as possible or at least make sure they have a bell on them.

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  1. Alasdair Sutherland

    I hadn’t considered the effect the high winds would have on nesting birds. I’ve been more focused on drying the mountain of laundry which I have allowed to pile up in my wife’s absence!"In one case near Callander in the Trossachs, a red kite nest had been blown 60 metres out of a wood onto adjacent farmland and a dead chick was found on the ground."Rather puts my laundry in perspective. Worst comes to the worst, I have to go pick my shirts up from my neighbours garden.

  2. Morag Edward

    I must admit I was a little apprehensive about what casualties I might find in the wilder part of the garden when I went out to check! I bravely rounded up five socks, two plastic buckets and a t shirt :-)


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