Russell Road diversion at Haymarket

The Haymarket tramworks have lead to the temporary closure of the Russell Road exit at the end of the route. As well as the tramworks, it looks as though the exit from the route to the road (which then leads to an ideal cycle route up to the canal…


New entrance to red line

Coming soon, a brand new entrance/exit from South Trinity Road onto the Leith-Haymarket route. Being built as part of the Cala Homes housing development between the path and Ferry Road, the entrance will be cyclable from the road, and possibly fro…


Opportunity for allotments on cycle path?


After a discussion in work earlier this week about the length of time people are waiting to get an allotment it struck me on my cycle home that there are a few areas along the red line at Telford and on the Blue Line at Waterfront Avenue that coul…


Apple pressing at the Pavilion Cafe


Abundance Edinburgh have been busy over the last few months picking unwanted apples from trees in and around Edinburgh. Yesterday we were able to taste some of the results of their efforts when they had an apple pressing session at the Pavilion Ca…