Banana me beautiful – the book launch

This Monday I attended a fabulous book release event on a boat in Edinburgh to celebrate the launch of a book by the inspiring Emily Dodd (Some impressions here ). If you’re unfamiliar with Emily Dodd, she’s an award winning author and a fantastic story teller (favourite audience kids, but she tackles adults as well). She is this super great mix between creative artist and really smart scientist with a focus on Environmental Education. You can bump into her when she rides her bike in Edinburgh along the routes suggested by the Innertube Cycle Map.

I have known Emily for short while only but I am highly impressed by what she does (and I think I know only half of it yet). She is this lively person you want to have next to you on the coffee table and have a really good chat with her.

Last night Emily celebrated the release of her book Banana me beautiful with 80 guests. Amongst them were wonderful authors such as Young Dawkins the 3rd, Sara Sheridan and Juliet Wilson. The opening speech was given by Alison MacKintosh. I think she pretty much summed up what everyone thought already: Emily rocks. And there is much more to come.

The whole evening was a big success. Everyone seemed to feel very comfortable on the boat and I believe the banana themed food made all her guests very happy (I loved the monkey cake). Emily shared some poems and art work of her book and made everyone who hasn’t read the book yet very curious. She explained very well that her book describes the journey of a young child, teenager and adult (Emily Dodd). It is a journey illustrated through beautiful poems, impressive art and photography. This mix makes the story of Banana me beautiful very unique.

The book will be in my bag when I visit my niece next time. If you want to make some younger members of your family or yourself very happy you should get this book. At the moment you can only get the e-book (available for purchase now) but in about 6 month you can buy the paperback, too.

Check out Emily’s blog, the Banana me beautiful facebook page or follow her on twitter to find out about her latest adventures.

Thank you Emily for an inspiring evening. It is so important that people like you share their experiences with people.






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