Art on the Paths – Marking Journeys on the Innertube: 30 Sept, 11am-3pm

As part of our Innertube outdoor activity programme this autumn, were trying something a little different on the cycleways, getting people involved with outdoor activities to mark their Innertube journeys, with a creative twist.

Well be at Five Ways Junction on Sunday 30th September, 11-3pm inviting people to take part in Art on the Paths, a series of free interactive creative activities marking peoples journeys along the routes. Wed like you to take part in one or more of our Marking Journeys activities, and you can spend as little or as much time with us as you like. We would like to photograph as many of the activities and artworks created as possible, to create a record of the day and to track how the paths are being used. Activities will include:

  • Giant Willow Bike Sculpture Edinburgh-based artist, Natalie Taylor, will be creating this sculpture and inviting people to help form a beautiful, biodegradable landmark
  • Bling your Bike decorate your bike using the materials provided or feel free to bring some of your own. Create a stir as you speed along the paths!
  • Green Men & Tree Dressing Take a piece of clay and create a Green Man head on a tree along the path, or decorate a tree using natural materials – take a picture of your creation and email it into us with its location; tweet it #innertubemap or guest post on
  • Marking Journey Stencils quick and easy, you will be given a stencil and chalk to take away and mark your location after a set time, to track whos going where. Take a picture of your stencil and email it into us with its location; tweet it #innertubemap or guest post on


  • Dr Bike – The Bike Stations experts will be on hand to give your bike the once over and sort out any problems, making sure everything is running smoothly

Please join us on the day to mark your journey along the paths.

For further information, please contact Esperanza, Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust, on 0131 445 4025 or email

This is part of the Innertubemap project, funded thanks to the People’s Postcode Trust


Greenspace Trust
Greenspace Trust

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