Woodland crafts at the Water of Leith

Last weekend we spent the morning with a lovely bunch of people, creating festive wreaths out of natural materials. We used flexible willow as bases for the wreaths and gathered loads of materials from the woods and gardens to decorate the wreaths. Strings of ivy from the trees and walls make a great filler layer, or use it to tie on other bits of greenery, by wrapping around it to secure.

We gathered evergreens such as holly, box, pine and fir, while flexible hazel and birch twigs are great for adding texture. Dried seed heads and flower heads, such as hydrangea were also added and dried, thinly sliced oranges, dried in an airing cupboard, added a touch of translucent colour.

The session was led by environmental artist Natalie Taylor – you can see more of her work here http://www.natalietaylor.org.uk/

And here’s what we made!

Liz Stewart
Liz Stewart

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