Innertube Map stencils

We had an exciting delivery at the Innertube Map office yesterday – some lazer cut plywood stencils of bike logos and arrows, which I am hoping to use to help people find their way onto some of the harder to find Innertube routes. The idea is to use clean graffiti techniques, in which you clean the shape of the stencil on dirty pavements or walls.?At present it’s an experiment, so stay posted for updates.?

The stencils were cut by us by the Wasteland Collective, an exciting new project run by landscape architect Liz Thomas in collaboration with artists and other landscape architects. The project aims to highlight disused an underused space in the urban realm in Edinburgh, and intervene in creative and artistic ways to get more out of it.

We’re hoping to collaborate more with the Wasteland Collective on projects around the city, and?I interviewed Liz yesterday at the 22 Studio, so stay tuned for more news from them!


Posted from Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Tom Allan
Tom Allan

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