Leith Links to Portobello – more improvements planned

Talk Porty have posted online the council’s proposals for more upgrades to the cycle route between Leith Links and Portobello – a route that was significantly upgraded in 2012.

Two main improvements are planned – the widening and improving of the path as it runs alongside St Mary’s RC school on Leith Links, and the widening of the section of pavement alongside Seafield Road, between the S-bend and the start of the prom. The newly-widened pavement is to be 3.5m wide.


The section outside St Mary’s is narrow, pitted and rough – sorely in need of upgrading. There are two sets of barriers at the entrances to the playground which will hopefully be sorted out, they are difficult to negotiate and pretty-much completely ignored by everyone (most people cycle round them on the grass).

Leith Links potholes

In amongst the plans, the junction at the bottom of the ramp between the elevated section of the route and Leith Links is to be altered slightly to make it less of a smooth run by adding a more angled turn in a bid to slow down cyclists speeding down off the ramp. Greener Leith has more details on this proposal, with some discussion about alternatives.

There are some enigmatic comments in the proposals about looking at the area around the junction across Seafield Road at Seafield Street, which is still complicated: “minor improvements for cyclists on Seafield Road at the Seafield Street junction”.?Will they look at the cycle lanes at the approach to this junction? They are generally permanently parked on.

There are no details, but the narrow section of pavement at the S-bend where the crash barrier looks like it too might be improved: “In addition, improvements for pedestrians and cyclists at the Seafield Road/Seafield Road East S bend are currently being investigated. This will seek to resurface and widen the shared use cycleway at this narrow corner”.

Full plans are available on Talk Porty, and there is more information and discussion on Greener Leith and the CityCycling forum. The plans are seemingly open to consultation until 20th December, but we can’t find where! The work is set to start in February.

Mark Sydenham
Mark Sydenham

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