Tackling overgrowth and undergrowth at the Shore

The glorious early Autumn sunshine was a welcome treat for the group of volunteers from the Scottish Government‘«÷s Centre for Housing Market Analysis. A team of 16 people worked along the stretch of path from Coburg Street to the end of the Water of Leith path, clearing overhanging vegetation and litter picking.?Š?Š

Over the summer, the vegetation had begun to encroach on the cyclepath and walkway, making it harder to pass through the narrower sections. The team worked to clear brambles, nettles and thorny rose bushes to improve access and enhance the appearance of the area. Once vegetation had been cleared, litter began to be more noticeable and the team had filled four sacks with rubbish by the end of the afternoon.?Š

The session was coordinated by the Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust as part of their ongoing project to promote use of the Innertube network, and encourage people to get involved in maintaining this important sustainable transport resource.

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Greenspace Trust
Greenspace Trust

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