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I'm an Edinburgh based blogger,I blogging at Moral Fibres about all things sustainable and ethical - with tips and ideas on how to live a greener life.

Food from the ‘tube #3: Elderflower Vodka

flavoured vodka recipe

Hello, it’s Wendy from Moral Fibres again! ?áI’m back with another ‘Food from the ‘tube’ recipe that you can make from plants growing along the Innertube network. June marks the arrival of the elderflower season, and what better way to celebrate it by making a batch of elderflower vodka? ?áIt really couldn’t be easier, and […]


Food from the ‘tube 2: Nettle Pesto

The last food from the ‘tube post was quite some time ago, and I thought I’d revive this as the Innertube Network is quite bountiful at the moment – only you might not have noticed. ?áCycle or walk along the Innertube Network at the moment and no doubt you’ll come across patches and patches of […]